September 01, 2017

CrossFit is the fitness trend that has been conquering the nation. It is difficult to classify Crossfit because it is a workout that can contain such a wide range of methods and styles that it does not fit exactly into a well-defined exercise category. It is safe to say that every time you exercise, you will do something new, unusual, effective and difficult.

One of CrossFit’s mantras is "Forging Elite Fitness," which means that workouts are often extremely challenging - especially not for the faint-hearted. This does not mean that you have to be an athlete to get started because workouts can be scaled to make sure that beginners can finish them safely. There are generally different levels for each beginner, intermediate and advanced training, and many training sessions are against the clock, you can also regulate your workout by making it as hard and fast or slow and easy as your personal fitness levels allow.

You do not have to worry if you are a beginner and think that you cannot handle CrossFit training because training is scalable to almost any fitness level. The trainer can help you find a simpler version of each exercise performed.

Most exercises are easy to do; it is the speed and lack of rest between sets that are the hardest. If you've been in the gym a lot and can figure it out, maybe you'll be out of a CrossFit workout in minutes, that's how I felt in the beginning.

If you are still afraid to get into a CrossFit workout right now, here are some beginner CrossFit workouts that you can practice:

1. Squats.
Every variation of squats is enough. If you make them in the living room of your house without weight, you can practice a lot. Just make sure to see your form. There are also many variations that you will learn at CrossFit.

2. Shoulder presses.
If you have a barbell or dumbbells, you can practice shoulder presses to gain some strength before trying out CrossFit.

3. Crunches.
Any form of crunch will work, as they all perform the same exercise. Planks are as well good for strengthening your core.

4. Pushups.
Regular pushups will work well, but if you require a bit of preparation for the quickness of CrossFit workouts, then you should try the gossip pushups. They are just the same, except that you push much faster and then clap your hands between repetitions. Warning: They could fall on your face that happened to me once when I tried to clap my hands twice.

And finally, I would recommend getting into a good cardiovascular form, preferably with high-intensity, anaerobic cardio exercises, as these are an integral part of CrossFit.

These are some beginner CrossFit workouts that you can practice with. But as I said before, you do not have to worry about anything because the exercises are scalable so you can easily turn up in a CrossFit workout.