January 01, 2018

CrossFit training is a series of workouts that engage almost every part of the body. If you are planning to try CrossFit training, there are many routines you can do. Due to the approach of the training, it is possible to achieve all your body fitness goals. If you are planning to try CrossFit training, below are different CrossFit exercises you need to know. 

Cindy routine
One of the best CrossFit exercises that can help to tone your body is Cindy Routine. It includes pushups and body weight squats. The time frame for Cindy routine is 20-minutes. It is considered as one of the best workouts for burning fat. However, you should ensure that there is progress. Also, Cindy routine is designed to help you add extra-mass in your shoulders and chest. 

Filthy 50
Another amazing type of CrossFit exercise is filthy 50. Unlike Cindy routine, this type of exercise is a bit challenging and demanding. You need to do fifty repetitions of 10-varieties of workouts such as burpee, double unders, back extensions, ball shots, push press, lunge steps, lifts, pull-ups, kettle-ball swings and box jumps. Though it is a challenging exercise, it one of the best workouts to help you burn those extra calories very fast. You can lose weight in just one session. 

L-sit is another effective type of CrossFit exercise. It is a great exercise for the stomach and abs as well. By performing this routine, you can easily lose extra fat around the stomach. Under this workout, you should support your body with the arms while the legs are straight in front. 

Double under
Another addition to your CrossFit workout is Double under. It is a jump rope workout that helps to improve the adrenaline. Since it is performed by just jumping over a rope, you need to ensure the rope passes two-times before landing on the floor. It will help you improve your work capacity and provide a good chance to lose weight easily. 

Deadlift plus run
Another famous type of CrossFit is Deadlift plus run. The mixture of deadlift and running makes this exercise a powerful one. It helps to reduce tummy fat and generally lose body weight. Under this exercise, you need to do deadlift repetitions and run for 1.5 miles. You need to perform it in repetitions until you have established some progress. 

The dip is among the most recommended CrossFit exercises. Unlike other types of CrossFit exercise that concentrate on specific body parts, Dip is a workout that is used to enhance group muscles in your body. For instance, ring-dip will offer strength and additional balance. It will also help to manage stabilization of the body. 

If you are planning to start on CrossFit training, these are the best routines you can try. Every workout has its own benefits, and hence it is possible to achieve the type of body you want through CrossFit training. 

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