November 01, 2017

What is Powerlifting? The term Power Lifting refers to lifting as much weight as possible whether it is in the deadlift, bench press or squat for a single rep at a time. Powerlifting for beginners may sound a little bit intimidating, but it actually it should not be at all. All that you need to know is that in powerlifting you lift weight to get better and you should only start from the weight that you can personally lift comfortably without harming your body. In powerlifting sports and competitions like in the Olympics, you get three chances at each lift then the total of your highest points added is your total score.

What do you need to kick off your powerlifting career?
The only magic in powerlifting is your attitude and not your strength. Surely you can not compare yourself to the Olympic champions on the first day, but with the right approach, you will get there eventually. There is no need to rush and adding more weights however good it makes you look but instead it is important to study and master the body movements first. You need to create a solid training base before getting yourself into advanced powerlifting programs because if you skip there will be a higher chance of getting severe injuries, and tearing body tissues which can have a serious impact on your career.

Powerlifting plan for beginners.
Having the right training plan and consistency will play a significant role in taking you to the top. Here is a 5 x 5 program approach for beginners' first four to six weeks as a powerlifter. 

Day 1
This is the day that you get to establish your benchmarks on the bench and the squats. It is the beginning of your career, and you do not need to stress up if the numbers look disappointing for you. It only means there is much more room for improvement, and the only way to go is up. From this day you will add the weights during every next training sessions.

1. The Barbell Squat
You should start with moderate weight then add 5-10 pounds every week. Work with five sets and five reps both being of the same weight.

2. Front Barbell Squat
With this, you should increase 5 to 10 pounds every week during each set.
Make three sets of 8 to 10 reps.

3. Butt Lift (Bridge)
If it is hard for you to commit to 8 full reps, then do as many as you can and finish with partial reps. Make them three sets, with 8 to 10 reps.

4.Seated Calf Raise
Apply slow reps and add 5 pounds every week for all the sets. The sets should range between 3 to 4 sets.

Skip the next day and use it to recover since there is more work to do on day 2.

Day 2
1. Barbell Bench Press- Medium grip
Start this with a moderate weight, then a 5 to 10 pounds each week. Make five sets and five reps of the same weight.

2. Dumbbell Bench Press
For this one, try to increase the weight as often as you possibly can, and it is harder using dumbbells. Make two sets of 8 to 10 reps.

3. Close- Grip Barbell Bench press
This is referred to as a core lift. Increase with 5-10 pounds weekly. Make it three sets and five reps.

4. Triceps Pushdown
Increase the weight during every week and when you can do the all the sets then do some weighted dips.

Skip the next day and have a good rest as you wait for day 3 of your routine.


Day 3

  1. Barbell Deadlift

Begin with moderate weights then increase by 5 to 10 pounds every week. Make it five sets and five reps of the same weight.

2. Upright Barbell Row
Increase the weights each week and aim to create personal records. Make it 3 sets with 8 to 10 Reps.

3. Hyperextensions (Back Extensions)
These are meant to strengthen the lower back, and you should use a lighter weight during this exercise.

4. Barbell Curl
Begin this routine with moderate weight then increase it with 5 pounds weekly with five sets and five reps.

This routine should continue for the following, and this should help your powerlifter dream become a reality.

Powerlifting all begins with the basic and with consistency, your body will get used to the routine, and you will be able to achieve more significant results with time.